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● New Member Exclusive Off from ● Rosegal ●

As time goes by, the Black Friday and New year will come! Maybe you have some New Year desires. You may want to be different from yourself. Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a new bag. These little details can make you have some changes. 
How to greet a new yourself?

Rosegal has introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits it. Follow us to see some of the shopping malls of the New Member Exclusive discount. You can choose the most affordable clothing. Easily change yourself. Enjoy 30% OFF and LUCKY DRAW get Coupon (Up to $20) , Shopping Now!

Coupon Madness with Rosegal

To help you and your wallet this New Member Exclusive, Rosegal use the prize wheel way to get concessions.

$4 off purchases $29 and more

$7 off purchases $49 and more

$9 off purchases $59 and more

$12 off purchases $89 and more

$16 off purchases $99 and more

$20 off purchases $119 and more

$35 off purchases $199 and more

This special is limited to the new registered users, so avoid disappointment by knew the rules. Rosegal takes the cost out of New Member Exclusive so that you can simply focus on the fun.

New Member Exclusive details as below:

1. Each new account has 2 chances.

2. New Member Exclusive Coupons:

a. The coupons are exclusive for newly registered members.

b. Each account can only claim up to 3 coupons: Once registered successfully, 15% off coupon automatically issued to your account.

Play LUCKY DRAW get more coupons with only 2 chances for each new account. All coupons are sent to your account.

c. The coupons only valid for 10 days. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional, discount, or coupon code.

d. For those who use illegal means to get coupons for multiple times, Rosegal remains the right to declare the coupons as invalid.

3. New Users' Price

New users' price only is used to certain BEST PRICE ONLY FOR YOU products. Only those who never purchased product(s) on Rosegal before (including PC, M & APP) can enjoy the offer.

An Use Range

Rosegal is proud to present a variety-fileed range that boasts all kinds of costumes to suit the needs of any type of client. From Plus Size, Women and Men clothing, Home, Shoes&Bags, we cater to all who seek a costume.

The Event Time

The New Member Exclusive Event from Oct. 13rd - Oct. 19th in 2018. Time is limited, don't miss it!

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Rosegal has recently upgraded its logistics system, making our delivery service one that is based on your convenience. We deliver to your home within a week, leaving you without all the hassle of leaving your front door.

Remember: 30% off and LUCKY DRAW coupons are limited to the new registered users. To avoid disappointment, visit to start your New Member Exclusive the right way. With our friendly staff who delight to serve our clients. A dress can change your style, starting with Rosegal.

By the way, we are about to have a second event from Oct. 20th- Oct. 26th . 

There will have 50% off, so stay tuned!

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✦ 5 Simple Yet Stunning Halloween Tips ✦ Rosegal ✦

5 Simple Yet Stunning Halloween Tips
At Rosegal, we have pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients in the creation of unique Halloween costumes. As a result, we have assembled a few ideas that could just be your look for this year’s Halloween(extravaganza. Use Coupon “RGGOO” Enjoy 20% OFF Discount.

Black Spider Costumes

For those who enjoy the arachnid family, our spider-themed costumes will have you spun in a web. We offer a range of costumes that are easily combined into a cohesive outfit that is guaranteed to scare your friends and family. One such exciting outfit is our spider costume that has webs under the arms, a unique touch that will help you stand out from the crowd.

One could easily combine this with a variety of accessories, as each spider-themed adornment adds to the magic of the occasion. Moreover, with our coupons and Halloween deals, there is no excuse not to unleash your inner arachnid this October.

Available online for regular

and plus-sized

Family Bat

Halloween is a time where families are able to bond over a sweet treat and a scary story. What better way to enjoy this holiday with your child than a matching bat costume. Instead of being that boring parent that always sits on the sidelines, try our matching costume for a new and exciting flavor this Halloween.

This costume comes standard with a set of spectacular wings, two cute bat-like outfits for the kids and something for her. Become one with the night, as the black accents dominate, giving that authentic vampire feel.

Find out more at:

Witch Play

The staples of Halloween will always be candy and witches, which is why we are proud to offer a witch costume that exudes authenticity. It’s almost as if you came straight from the cauldron. With a blue theme and yellow accents, this dress is perfect for those seeking a bit of fun this Halloween.

It comes in plus and regular sizes:

Grave-bound Wanderer

Gore, blood and guts are not everyone’s thing, but come Halloween, you definitely get two thumbs up for any costume that contains any one of these elements. Therefore, we have created a variety of clothes that make it seem as if you’re but a knee bump away from death.

Find these at:

Halloween-Element Costumes

For those seeking something a little less scary, we are here to provide outfits that keep you in the Halloween spirit whilst still allowing you to dress to your liking. Next time, you’re looking for that sexy dress that accentuates your figure, one that comes in both regular and plus sizes, think Rosegal – your destination for all Halloween related attire.

Try these gorgeous evening gowns:

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year, and with the help of the right costume, it can be even more exciting. Whether you’re looking for formal dresses, plus size costumes or simply just a unique Halloween costume, Rosegal has you covered.

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☠ Halloween's Wishlist ☠ Rosegal ☠

Halloween è alle porte e siamo tutti alla ricerca dell'outfit perfetto.
E cosa c'è di meglio che fare shopping su un sito, come Rosegal, che offre dei saldi dedicati?
Infatti ho selezionato tre capi perfetti per l'occasione, dalla sezione Rosegal Halloween Sale!

Il mio obiettivo per Halloween è sempre lo stesso: spaventosa si, ma con stile.
Ecco perchè il primo capo che ho scelto è una casacca, dallo stile streghesco, sexy al punto giusto ma comunque adatta al tema scelto!
Costa solamente 22$ ed è perfetta per un look spaventoso ma femminile.
Con il makeup adatto, siamo pronte alla serata!

Il secondo capo della selezione è una bellissima tunica nera, simile al prodotto precedente, ma che comprende anche la gonna.
Mi ricorda molto i vestiti di Bellatrix Lastrange in Harry Potter (per lo meno, i film) e da un'aria spettrale e grottesca, ma anche molto femminile, a chiunque la vada ad indossare.

Infine, per le più romantiche, un vestito con trama a tema!
Mi piace tantissimo il taglio del vestito, lo stile vintage, ma comunque moderno.
La trama con i teschi è poi la ciliegina sulla torta: lo adoro!
Il vestito costa 16.15$, un pensierino per Halloween lo farei eccome!

Che ne pensate di questi capi?

A presto,

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✦ September's Haul ✦ SheIn ✦

Oggi vi mostro i due ultimi arrivi dal sito SheIn.

Caratteristiche del prodotto.
Colore: nero
Modello: Colore unico
Materia: 95% Poliestere, 5% Spandex
Stile: Look sexy
Scollatura: Scollatura profonda, Spalline sottili
Lunghezza di Maniche: Senza maniche
Stoffa: Il tessuto è leggermente elastico
Stagione: Estate
Accessori e decorazione: A smerlo
Occasione: Per uscire

La mia esperienza con questo prodotto.

Mi sono realmente innamorata di questo body!
È sexy ma non troppo, veste perfettamente.
Il body si chiude con dei bottoncini a clip, è facile da aprire e chiudere con pochi gesti.
Costa solamente 9€ ed è davvero di ottima qualità.
Disponibile nelle taglie dalla XS alla L, vi consiglio nel caso di acquisto di scegliere una taglia più grande della vostra, per avere maggiore elasticità, dato che il tessuto è molto rigido, dato che deve stare perfetto.
Un capo davvero consigliato, mi sto trovando benissimo.

Caratteristiche del prodotto.
Colore: nero
Stile: Per fare la festa
Materia: 97% Poliestere, 3% Spandex
Scollatura: Spalle scoperte
Lunghezza di maniche: Lunghe
Sagoma: Svasato
Lunghezza dei vestiti:Corto 
Decorazione: A smerlo, Maglia a contrasto, Cerniera
Tipo di motivo: Colore unico
Stoffa: Il tessuto è leggermente elastico
Stagione: Primavera, Autunno
Tipo: A linea
Vita: Vita normale
Occasione: Per uscire
Orlo/ Forma: Svasato

La mia esperienza con questo prodotto.

Il secondo capo ricevuto è un vestitino nero con gonna a campana.
Nella parte superiore il vestito presenta uno scollo a barca, che lascia libere le spalle, mentre nella vita ci sono due righe di tessuto trasparente.
A mia impressione, mi da un'aria un po' da strega, ma mi piace molto come veste.
Il vestito in questione costa 14€ ed al momento è disponibile in XS e S.
Se è la vostra taglia (io ho preso una L), fateci un pensierino, per il prezzo che ha è un vestito di buonissima qualità!

Che ne pensate di questi capi?

A presto,


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ღ Giacche Donna Per L'Autunno Inverno 2018 ღ Manzara ღ


Oggi sono qui a presentarvi un nuovo sito, conosciuto navigando durante il fine settimana.
L'estate sta finalmente volgendo al termine, e l'unica cosa a cui riesco a pensare è: shopping autunnale ed invernale!

Mi sono così imbattuta nel sito Manzara, che offre un'ampia scelta nel vestiario e negli accessori, principalmente per donna.

Uno dei capi che non deve mai mancare è la giacca in pelle o in simil pelle, ideale con qualsiasi outfit, per dare quel tocco rock ad ogni serata.

Intramontabile, la giacca io l'adoro nella sua versione classica, nera, ma anche rosso bordeaux mi pare un'ottima soluzione.
Per serate più casual, opterei per un bel beige, da abbinare magari, ad una borsa a tono.

Un altro must have per l'inverno è sicuramente il piumino donna, che si stringe in vita mantenendo lineari e definite le nostre curve.

Non è uno dei capi che adoro di più, dato il mio fisico, ma sono sicura che con quello grigio scuro mi sentirei molto a mio agio.

Il secondo l'ho scelto perchè è semplicemente... galattico!

Infine, abbiamo anche come scelta la giacca donna lunga, che copre fino ai fianchi.

Io personalmente adoro entrambi i modelli che ho scelto per questo post: il primo casual e con una larga pelliccia che da al capo quel non so che di elegante, il secondo ultra rock, smorzato dalla pelliccia bianca, che ricorda tanto la neve e la purezza... insomma, dei contrasti niente male!

Che ne pensate dei prodotti Manzara?

Io vi invito a visitare il sito, che è ricco di capi d'abbigliamento e che ha una scelta davvero vasta, sia per prezzi che per taglie.

A presto,


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★ Beautiful Clothes for Fall ★ FashionMia ★

Hello everyone,
Today we going to an amazing fashion adventure on a beautiful website: FashionMia.

Finally, I can feel that summer is going to end (I love the sun but I hate the hot weather), and I want to see amazing dresses and amazing sweaters, for autumn and winter.

Link                                                          Link

The sweater that I choose are really confortable and warm, perfect for winter.
I love those types of clothes, because you can feel yourself in a total confort.

For other beautiful swaeater you can visit the dedicatet section on the webiste: 

Link                                                        Link

To be an autumn princess, I choose also two maxi dresses.
To be feminine and sexy in the same time, even when the temperature is ''fresh''.

Link                                                                   Link

Those two sweaters are my favourite.
They are really comfortable but also really shaped and chic.

Link                                                  Link

The final dresses that I choose are the perfect faces of themselves.
The first one is a tribute to flowers and pastel colors, and the second one is chic and black as the night.

Do you love those kind of dresses for women?

What do you think of this clothes from FashionMia?

See you soon,

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★ The most popular 5 prom dresses on the Internet ★

Hello everyone,

Today I'm going to talk about five awesome prom dresses that I founded on a website online.
The name of this website is Angrila, and it is highly specialized on prom, bride and bridesmaid dresses.

I choose five of the most beautiful dresses on the Prom's category.

Let's see them together!

Dress #1:

Sexy A-Line See Through Lace Open Back Long Evening Dresses

The first dress is a combination of sexy an style.
In the corset we found a lot of flowers in lace, with the back uncovered the dress is sexy at right point.
The long tulle skirt is for a princess one, perfect for the prom and for a special night.

Dress #2:

Chic V-Neck Tulle Ball Gown Long Prom Dresses with Lace Appliques

This dress by the way, is really gorgeous.
I really love the applicated detail long all the corset and the long tulle skirt.
I thing is over too much for prom, but I will love to use that on my wedding day, if I ever get marry.
It's simple but elegant, and also very feminine.

Dress #3:

Beading Open Back Prom Evening Formal Dresses

The third dress amazed me for is clear but chic line.
I really love the skirt and its powerful color.
The upper part, made with a lot of precoius stones, is closest to my hardest dream of a perfect jewerly corset.

Dress 4#:

Sexy Sheath/Column Sleeveless Halter Beading Long Prom Dresses

Another lovely dress, in a perfect bordeaux.
It's one on my favourite, and the one I will like to dress for a party like a prom.
This dress have a long straight skirt, and a corset with a lace in the waist, really sexy.

Dress 5#:

A-line Halter Sleeveless Sequins Long Tulle Formal Dresses

The last is a perfect red dress.
A dress for everyone, for scream to world: I'm here, and I'm beautiful!

For the details of every single dress, just click the link under the pictures.

What do you think about this amazing dresses?

I really want to buy some of the in the future, I want to put them for a special night and feeling like a girl that see her dream come true.

See you soon,

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