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Hi dears,
today I will show you a new site that I just discovered on web.
The site is StyleWe
I visited for a few minutes and I fell in love with the majority of products.
Let me show you something to start:

Plain Paneled Casual Long Sleeve Mini Dress 

Turtleneck Long Sleeve Elegant Sweater 

3/4 Sleeve Plain Casual Lapel Midi Dress with Belt

The styles that this site offers are really particular and sophisticated.

Now, since you know me, and you know that I love to show you things out of season, I want to present two sections of the site that have nothing to do a lot with January.
The real reason is that, out of season, you can do affairs!

The first section is all of summer! Click here to see all looks.
Those are my favourites:

Black Lace-up Cross Straped Bikini

Padded Color-block Straped Bikini
Another section, out of season by a few weeks, is the one on Christmas. You can find lovely ideas for  next Christmas on StyleWe's blog: 10 Creative Christmas Decoration For Your Home.

What do you thing about this site?
I going to do some shopping!

See you soon,

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