Hi dears,
tomorrow I want to talk to you about wedding. 

For me wedding it always be a contract, because here, in Italy, if you not wedding to the one you love, you don't have rights in front of him/her. 
But in my mind, I always think that, no matter where or why I will marry, I want a beautiful dress, and I want a dream wedding.

When I talk with my boyfriend about wedding, we always joke: he say that he want to marry in a beach, so he can become my husband in a swimsuit and we can save some money, and I always say to him:
 ''Do what you want, I want a beautiful dress, doesn't matter the location!''

So, today we left the contracting part of wedding and we enjoy the dreaming part of it, with this site that I discovered yesterday, Landybridal.

Always I do, here I publish a little wishlist.. when I will marry I want one of this beautiful dress!

This dress is amazing, for a real princess.
Everytime that I see it I think it would be nice to wear it! 
It's so romantic.

How much is beautiful this dress?
He have one of the must have that I want in my wedding dress: a jewel corset.
It's so particular and chic.

Okay for this dress I'm out of my mind.
I love the line dress, the corset, the fabric (lace) but (and you will understand that with the photo of the back) I love the train! It had roses! 
Love it!

I pick this site as example to talk about weddings because in this site, doesn't matter what prize you want to spend:there is a beautiful section, cheap mermaid wedding dresses, for all the wallet.
And for the crazy for lace, like me, there is an entire section dedicate, lace wedding dresses
I really love all the dress, can I buy all of them? 

Also, until the 21th September there is an amazing promo with free shipping on the site, for the wedding dress:

Hope you like this post.. and just to say: dreaming doesn't cost anything, so.. we dream!

See you soon,

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