Velvet Skater Dress by ZAFUL.

Hi dears,
today I want to introduce you the magnificent world of Velvet Skater Dress on Zaful.
Every girl, in her life, need a skate dress.
And, why not pick a skater dress that had itself one of the most popular mode of the moment? Yes, I talk about velvet fabric.
I always loved the velvet, but in this days, where it is overestimated, I really feel in love with it.

So: let's combinated velvet and skater dress!
If you know me a little bit, you know that I love mini dress, and I really love one colour: bordeaux (and all of his shades).

So, I'm going to show you two little velvet skater dress in bordeaux.
The first one is:

I really love this beautiful dress.
In first, of course: the color. By the picture it seems so brilliant, and the fabric so soft.
In second time, I appreciate the model of the dress: it is sexy!
Look the neckline!
Also, it has a great price: 24.49$.
It is avaible in sizes: S, M, L and also in black.
Love IT!

The second dress, remember me the childhood.
It is:

I know what you are thinking about.
Why this dress remind me childhood?
For his form of course!
It's like a short princess dress, similar to the princess dresses that we see in the movies... a little more modern, of course.
I fell in love for this dress also for the shape of sleeves, so vintage!
This dress cost 25.49$ and it is avaible in S,M,L, XL and for the craziest and funniest girls... in green!

Do you like the Velvet Skate Dresses by Zaful?
Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,

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