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Good morning everyone,
today I'm here to talking about a new webiste that I've recently discovered.
The name of this webiste is Paperless Post.

Paperless Post is an e-commerce company focusing on design-driven online and printed stationery, including greetings, invitations, birth announcements, wedding suites, and custom stationery. 
Paperless Post partners with leading fashion designers including Kate Spade New York, Kelly Wearstler, and Oscar de la Renta. 
The company is based in New York City.

In the website we can find several categories for all of our necessity.

We have: 

Birthday's Section.

The last week was my birthday, and I used the website to invite my friends to my party, with one of the amazing cards that the section offer.

Step by step, the website let you customize all of the card, included the envelope.

The last thing to do is send the card at the guests: and you can do it from the website.

I send the same invitation to my email, to see the final result:

I really love the design! 

The second section of the website, offer a lot of choices for the Wedding.

My favourite part is the one dedicate to Invitations.

My favourite is the Van Vliet (Invitation)for the floreal decorations and the linear theme of the card.

In Wedding section there is a selection of products by Kate Spade:

The third section is dedicated to Parties!

Do you wanna invite everybody at your party? 
Here you can find something you will love to do it.
From baby shower to gaming nights, there is the invite that you need.

 I'm in love with the card Rosina Photo - Black, it gives me some feelings about joy and fun.

The fourth section, one of the most beautiful by the way, we can find all of the card for the events in the Professional's life.
If you have something to announce or celebrate about your job, here you can find the card for you!

My favourite part of this section is the one for Events:
I can find some interesting card for my blog and my online job. My favourite one is: Fleurs Sauvages (Tall), because is really cute and at the same time elegant,with the frame of flowers and leaves.

The last section is the one dedicated to generics Cards: here we can find all the necessary to send best wishes or to thank someone for anything in life.

My favourite one is the Script - Thank You So Much, for the beautiful calligraphy on the front side.

I really in love with it.
The last fruible thing of the site, is the section dedicated to Flyer Beta.
This is a new system, in beta version, with the one we can send the link of the event or events in a fast and simple way to our guests.
The flyber can be customized and categorized with our ideas.

How can I pay?

In all of the website, the Coins are the money with you can pay.
You can buy the coins on you account.

Learn how Coins work.
The Coin price per recipient is based on the options you have chosen. (Options, like envelope liners and card inserts, can be added or removed.) 
Coins packages can be purchased when you are ready to send.

Do I like this website?
The website is really well structured.
The first time, I was a little bit lost, for the multiple options that the website offers, and the choices avaible.
I really loved used this website for send the invitations for my 25th birthday.
I can send them directly to the email of my friends, and in future I will definitely use Paperless Post for my job, or to send regards or a ''Happy Birthday'' with style and in a fastly way.
The customize of every single detail is guided, and we have a lot of choices for decorations, fonts, and styles, since the colors of every part of the card to the digital stamp to the envelope.

Here you can find the direct links for the social of Paperless Post:

Hope to see you soon,


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