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Hello everyone,
today we talk again about wedding dresses, but this time we do it with another beautiful site, Landybridal.
In this site there is many sections that I like, and I want to show you the dresses that I like the most.

How much is lovely this dress?
I especially like the jewelry corset, thanks to its brilliant applications.
The wide skirt then, is beautiful, like a real princess.

This other dress is beautiful for two reasons.
The first one: the special corset with satin designs, which continue on the sleeves: beautiful, I love that!
The second one: the particular wide in tulle. Elegant and raffinate, just like I like!

These two dresses and many more, you will find in a special category of the site, wedding dresses 2016.
In the second part of this post I will show you two dresses in lace: in the site there is an apposite section for laces dresses, lace wedding dresses. Enjoy it!
Now I'm going to show you my favourite lace wedding dresses from this site.

A beautiful one-shoulder lace dress, skirt and train moderate, elegant and vintage appeal. I love the texture of this lace dress, it is chic!

This dress is very similar to the previous one, but it has a sweetheart neckline, which makes it less special but more romantic for a dream wedding!

What do you thing about the dresses from Landybridal?
See you soon,

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