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Hi everybody,
today I will talk to you about a new site of beautiful dresses (for cerimonies and parties).
It a uk's site, that contains various interested sections, and were everybody can find the dress of the dreams. The site is

I do a selection of my favourite dresses.

In the first section that I check, Formal Dresses, I fell in love with this one.
I really like the champagne colour: it's so elegant and suitable for a cerimony.
The dress is also available in many other colors, one more beautiful that other.
Of this dress I also really like the necline, that is at the same time sexy but formal, and the train, that you can see in the next pictures.

The second item that I choose, is from the section Prom Dress, and is a particular dress.
It's perfect for me, that I'm a bit 'strange, with these asymmetrical ruffles, in a beautiful red wine.
I suppose that If I have it, I will use with that a a pair of black simple high heels, to make a nice contrast.

Now we go to two section of cheap dresses: we can have style also with less money, right?

In the section Prom Dresses under 50$, I find this simple but chic dress.

Its price it's only 35$!
I like it because it's so simple, but it has a beautiful and particular corset combined with the shoulder.
Look how much the corset is amazing!

On the back, the dress is again simple, but with the continue of the corset in the shoulder, it's really beautiful! I love also the black long skirt, so simply and chic.

In the last section that I check, Formal Dresses under 50$, I found this beautiful mermaid dress, characterized by a large slit and jewel corset.
I love it!

This dress is perfect for a ceremony where you can be simple but with style, to shine for the entire party. Its price is 49.99$, a great deal!

Do you like the dresses from
Clicking on the name of the site you can visit it: also, clicking on the name of the dresses you can see the page of that dress.

See you soon,

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2 commenti:

  1. Great dresses, my fave is the last one!

  2. These dresses are all so gorgeous, especially the first one! :)
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